It looks like Joe Perry's next solo project will truly let the music do the talking.

The Aerosmith guitarist has started teasing his next album on Twitter, explaining that now that he's cleared his promotional obligations for his Rocks memoir off the calendar — as well as the band's most recent tour — he's been able to get down to work on what will be his fifth solo effort, which he's decided will be a largely instrumental affair.

The new album follows 2009's Have Guitar, Will Travel, which Perry recorded with a band that included singer Hagen Grohe while Aerosmith were on hiatus. With singer Steven Tyler presumably tied up for the foreseeable future promoting his own upcoming solo LP, Perry could have a lot of extra time on his hands; as he admitted in a separate tweet, he doesn't know when — or if — the band will reconvene for another record or tour.

As for what the instrumentals will sound like, Perry's still playing things close to the vest, and has coyly evaded questions of whether he'll incorporate acoustic guitars or mandolins into his new arrangements. He's also made it clear that he's far too early in the recording process to share any kind of target release date — although he did hint that he's already looking ahead to future solo projects.

While the bulk of Perry's solo material has included vocals, he's occasionally dabbled in instrumental territory; his song "Mercy," which closed out his self-titled 2005 LP, was even nominated for a Grammy. While fans wait for more, Perry has also pointed out that his holiday EP, Joe Perry's Merry Christmas, is being reissued later this year.

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