Two dynamic frontmen who rocked the '80s with hair almost as spectacular as their vocal range face off as Joe Elliott takes on Steve Perry in this round of our March Mullet Madness tournament.

We’ve lined up some of history’s most spectacular mullets and paired them off against each other for a series of tonsorial battles. We’re halving the field every week based on your votes, until only the greatest mullet in rock ‘n’ roll history is left standing.

Perry, who served two tours of duty with Journey while sporadically pursuing a solo career, went through several stages of mullet evolution during the '80s. At first adopting a more casual, low-maintenance look, he refined his approach to the hairstyle as the decade wore on, finally settling on a puffy, more obviously coiffed mullet for the band's Raised on Radio album in 1986. By the time we saw him again for his next solo record, 1994's For the Love of Strange Medicine, he'd let that party in the back take over his whole dome, and in more recent years, he's been seen sporting a close-cropped 'do.

Elliott, meanwhile, achieved peak mullet during the late '80s and early '90s. Initially sporting a fairly mundane take on the cut over the first half of the decade, the Def Leppard frontman allowed his mane to reach ever-greater lengths during the Hysteria era, and by the time the group returned for 1992's Adrenalize, he'd expanded his follicular repertoire by adding more height to his bangs. Sadly for fans of the look (not to mention Elliott's hairdresser and the manufacturers of his maintenance products), the grunge era chased his mullet away during the mid-'90s, although he's groomed his way into several variations on the look more recently.

So which of these mullets earns your vote? If you just can't decide, don't worry — you can keep casting ballots once an hour between now and when the Round Two polls close on Monday, March 28 at 11:59 PM ET.


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