In a city defined by grit, passion and soul, it’s hard for anyone to come into town and raise the bar in any of these categories. On Saturday (April 18) in downtown Detroit, Joe Bonamassa did just that.

The iconic Fox Theater, one of the most beautiful concert venues in the country, was filled with members of Bonamassa nation – and once the lights went down, the fire on stage burned bright for almost two hours. The set list included "Hey Baby," "Oh Beautiful," "Never Give All Your Heart," "Hidden Charms," "Living on the Moon, '"Trouble Town," an unbelievable version of "Double Trouble," "Gave Up Everything for You," "Yonders Wall," "One Less Cross to Bear," "Don’t Burn Down that Bridge," "So What Would I Do," "Love Ain’t a Love Song," a stirring rendition of "Sloe Gin," and "The Ballad of John Henry."

The seven-man group worked effortlessly beside Joe and, at times, the band and the crowd were reduced to silence – hanging onto every single note that echoed through the incredible surroundings. After a three-year absence from the Motor City, Joe and his band seemed right at home, and the crowd embraced him as if he were one of their own. A legendary theater in a strong, proud city was filled with the sultry sounds of a guitar legend, and for a few hours Motown became “Joe Town.”

Hurry back, Mr. Bonamassa. The Motor City misses you.

Review by Mike Barrett

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