In their new 'Get Real' ad campaign, Jockey Sport Underwear use the music of a band who pretty much defines 'real.'

The unmistakable sounds of AC/DC simmer under the announcer, who seems just itching to tell you about the product. The song used here is a deeper LP track, 'The Furor,' which first appeared on the 1995 LP 'Ballbreaker.' The Rick Rubin-produced album hit the US Top 5 and made it to No. 1 in their native Australia.

The Jockey brand started in 1976, a couple of years after the AC/DC machine got rolling, but their use of the iconic hard rockers is a natural when it comes to their 'Get Real' tagline -- "Real, a belief that what's most important is underneath us all." You simply don't get much more real than AC/DC!

We imagine the use of the song 'Ballbreaker' in an underwear ad might not have been as, um, fitting, so to speak. Hence, 'The Furor' it is! It's got some classic Angus Young riffing going on, in fact the tune kind of bounces to the left... and to the right. It's a long way to the top if you want to rock and roll...for underpants!

Watch Jockey's 'Get Real' Commercial Featuring AC/DC

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