Apparently when Jimmy Page isn't busy being a cool rock star, he's a lot like normal people who bitch about what their neighbors are doing.

According to the Sun (via, the 71-year-old guitar hero is miffed that his famous pop star neighbor Robbie Williams is doing some renovation to his home. Williams -- who was in the boy band Take That back in the day and has since carved out a pretty lucrative solo career for himself in the U.K. -- wants to "modernize" his $26.6 million West London home. And Page isn't pleased.

Specifically, Williams plans to bulldoze the land, add a swimming pool and build a recording studio. Among other things, the renovation will include a new window that overlooks Page's property. Reportedly, Page has written to the local city council, stating his "extremely concerned" opinion on the matter, hoping to stop Williams' expansion, which the Led Zeppelin mastermind believes will tarnish the area.

Williams should know sometime next month if he's allowed to continue with his plans.

In the meantime, Page is getting ready for some expansion of his own: The next album in his remastering of his old band's catalog, a beefed-up reissue of 'Physical Graffiti,' is due on Feb. 24. The original 1975 double album will include a bonus disc of early material and alternate versions taken from the classic LP's recording sessions.

At the very least, Page can crank 'The Rover' nonstop before his neighbor's renovation gets a thumbs-up. Maybe that will make Williams reconsider that new window.

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