On this night, it was more like, "Sing me some Billy Joel, you're the late-night man."

A perhaps over-served Jimmy Fallon showed up at Marie's Crisis Cafe, in New York City's West Village, over the weekend for a raucous sing-along of Billy Joel's 'Piano Man.' He forgot the words, as you can see in the video above, but the apparently equally inebriated crowd was happy to help him out.

The gregarious Tonight Show host, sporting a Yankees cap and a big smile, wasn't done.

He also took on 'Summer Nights,' the singalong moment from 'Grease' that marked his closing number of Saturday Night Live back in 2004; and then hopped up on the top of the bar for a go at 'Believe It Or Not,' the theme song from the short-lived early-'80s television show 'Greatest American Hero.'

As fun as all of this is, it's not the first time Fallon has dropped in on a local watering hole. He memorably bought a round of shots for everyone at a Chelsea saloon last year. He also narrowed escaped getting caught up in a fight at a East Village bar that same weekend.

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