Red wine is usually praised as an indulgence that -- packed with heart-healthy antioxidants -- is actually good for you. But according to the doctor who tried to save Jimi Hendrix on the night that the legendary guitarist died, it's "plausible" red wine cause Hendrix’s untimely death.

Friend Meic Stevens went on to explain Hendrix possibly choked and lost his life because he didn’t understand how to drink the substance. Speaking openly for the first time since Hendrix's death, Stevens said the guitar great was blending red wine with lager, and drinking the mixture out of a pint glass.

‘I was with Jimi Hendrix the night he died,” he told the Daily Mail. “He had been drinking red wine with me - even though he had never drunk red wine in his life before.”

The 69-year-old added he and Hendrix were out with Marmalade stars Gary Farr and Jimmy Cregan, plus Eric Clapton, living it up at the Scotch of St James bar in Mayfair.

"[Hendrix] was drinking lager or some kind of beer and he just poured the wine in to the pint glass. I don’t think he had ever drunk red wine before – he didn’t know how to drink it," Stevens said.

"...He seemed okay. He seemed to be alright. But the next day I woke up late and somebody phoned and said Jimi’s dead. Apparently he choked on his own vomit."

Hendrix's U.S. manager recently refuted claims the guitar great was murdered, which makes this red wine story even more possible. We think it still sounds fishy that Hendrix died because he "didn't know" how to drink wine.

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