When you make it this far long on 'The Voice,' it probably does feel like you are 'Living on a Prayer' each and every week, so Jermaine Paul's choice of the Bon Jovi classic seemed an appropriate one for Monday's episode, especially given the higher stakes of this being the first week of Live Shows. Yet Paul -- who unlike many of his fellow 'Voicer'-ers Alicia Keys -- is known for his smooth R&B stylings, so he may have been a little out of his element singing an '80s pop-rock staple. But don't tell him that.

'Living' and dancing don't usually go hand-in-hand, but Paul practically glided across the stage during his performance, impressing his coach Blake Shelton with both his moves and his singing chops -- Shelton went as far as saying that Paul is “one of the most passionate singers I’ve ever heard in my life.” Meanwhile, the seemingly odd pairing of singer and song wasn't lost on Christina Aguilera, who boldly claimed she could've coached a better performance out of him.

But at this point the opinions of the coaches don't really matter -- it's now in the hands of the American people, who have several different ways to vote for their favorites (including by downloading Jermaine Paul’s ‘Living on a Prayer’ cover on iTunes). Will Paul's prayers be answered by living to see another week? Tune in Tuesday (April 3) for the results from tonight’s Live Shows and find out.

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