Jason Becker wants everyone to know that Eddie Van Halen made a quiet donation after his ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, becoming the last of three famous rockers named by the former David Lee Roth guitarist. Becker, who has been battling amyotrophic lateral sclerosis for 25 years, said Van Halen hoped to keep things low key. (Sorry, Eddie!)

"We have been talking lately, and he sent us a donation," Becker says in a new Facebook post. "People should know that he didn't ignore the ice bucket challenge but wanted to do something less public and from his heart."

Becker actually challenged Roth, Van Halen and John Mayer about a month ago. Mayer filmed himself being drenched, while Roth -- with whom Becker recorded 1991's 'A Little Ain't Enough' -- made his own timely donation.

When Van Halen still hadn't publicly responded a week later, Becker brushed aside criticism of his old friend -- saying Van Halen had helped him out of a financial jam and even paved the way for the release of Becker's 2001 album 'Perspective' on Warner Bros. “It doesn’t matter," Becker insisted. "Eddie has done so much for me. It is incredible how much he has helped me and my whole family ... So, he doesn’t have to get wet.”

ALS has already robbed Becker of his ability to speak. He communicates by way of a system designed by his father, using his eyes to spell out thoughts on a letter board. A caregiver then says the words.

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