Metallica bassist Robert Trujillo enters the film production arena with Jaco: The Film, a documentary about the life of legendary bassist Jaco Pastorius due for home video release on a variety of formats this fall.

According to a press release, Jaco: The Film will arrive Nov. 27 in association with this year's Record Store Day Black Friday event, with consumers able to choose between DVD/Blu-ray releases as well as streaming, download and digital VOD options. A soundtrack album — the details of which are apparently still being sorted out — will make its debut the same day via Sony/Legacy.

Trujillo, who produced the film and spearheaded a successful crowdfunding campaign to help finish it, will celebrate Jaco's release with a signing event at the Sound Garden in Syracuse, N.Y.

Jaco: The Film has been a long labor of love for Trujillo, who explained his devotion to Pastorius' musical legacy in an interview last year, looking back on the huge impact Pastorius had on him as a young bassist. "I was intrigued by the mystique of the name alone ... there was baby powder on the stage — I remember him sliding into his bass guitar like it was home plate. You know what I mean?"

As the Jaco press release notes, Pastorius' tale is "remarkable and tragic" — he was only 35 when he passed away — and Trujillo promises a viewing experience that encompasses the remarkable highs of his story as well as the lows while offering an overall celebration of his singular talent. Visit Jaco: The Film's website for more information, and check out an interview with Trujillo, co-director Paul Marchand and executive producer John Pastorius above.

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