Singer-songwriter Jack Tempchin has built a distinguished discography out of the songs he's written for other artists, but he's a veteran recording artist in his own right — and we've got a taste of his latest effort, One More Song, right here.

The new album, available for purchase now, finds Tempchin rounding up some stray tracks from his back pages, revisiting old favorites and debuting new songs — including "Song for You," a number co-written with Celtic Thunder member Keith Harkin. "He’s an Irish guy and has an incredible facility melodically and also he made up the guitar part for that," Tempchin tells Ultimate Classic Rock. "And that was so strong I put it on there."

"Song for You," which you can check out above, fits in with a set of songs that deliberately hearken back to the period Tempchin refers to as his "coffeehouse days" — the late '60s and early '70s, when he made his musical bones alongside peers and friends like Jackson Browne, J.D. Souther and Glenn Frey.

"You got onstage and communicated with the audience, and that’s what I tried to recapture with this album," says Tempchin. "I even went back and recorded some songs that I had written back then that I’d never recorded. I tried to make it like you went into a coffeehouse and you kind of heard a set like you would have back then."

Our exclusive premiere of "Song for You" coincides with the 44th anniversary of the day Frey's Eagles debuted their version of Tempchin's "Peaceful Easy Feeling" — a single that earned a place of honor on the band's wildly popular Greatest Hits 1971-1975 LP. Fittingly, that earlier track started out in a coffeehouse too.

"I kind of put every beautiful girl I saw into that song. I used to carry around my $13 Stella guitar that I’d bought in a pawn shop and I would play it everywhere," Tempchin recalls. "I was staying up at Jackson Browne’s house in L.A., because he and Glenn and J.D. were going to introduce me to David Geffen to make me a star. Glenn came in and he heard me playing that song and he said, 'I’ve got a band that I’ve had for eight days. Do you mind if we work your song up?'"

The rest was rock 'n' roll history — and Tempchin's still writing it. Watch his new video for "Song for You" above, and find more details about One More Song at his site.

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