Since Jack Osbourne revealed his recent diagnosis of multiple sclerosis, he has become very outspoken about the disease, what it means and how it is already affecting his life.

"I've only known about it for five weeks so I'm not an expert yet, but it layman's terms it's kind of the arthritis of the nervous system,' he said in a recent interview on 'The Talk,' the show his mother, Sharon, co-hosts. Jack has had various symptoms over the last few years, but just recently got the diagnosis.

"I guess I've been having symptoms for the last three or four years, but I didn't realize it," he said, "about two years ago, my legs went numb for two months and I just thought I had pinched a nerve."

"One minute you can be fine,and the next I went blind in my right eye," adds the son of legendary rocker Ozzy Osbourne,  "It's a completely unpredictable disease. "Ultimately, that's the toughest thing with this disease."

Part of the mystery of MS is the way it can affect any number of people in a variety of ways. While talking with Piers Morgan, Jack said. "If you look at the symptoms of MS, it is so random, it's really quite remarkable how someone figured out that's actually related to one thing."

MS attacks the central nervous system in various ways, resulting in different symptoms for different people. Some are minor, others are devastating. There are a handful of drugs out there to help keep the symptoms in check, but at this point, there is no cure. "I've been told by all my doctors that if you are going to get MS, now is the best time to have it." he told Morgan. "There are, I think, two or three new drugs coming out within the next six months.' optimistically adding "I do believe there will be a solution in sight in my lifetime."

Jack has a new TV show called 'Haunted Highway' that debuts on the SyFy Network July 3.

Watch Jack Osbourne Talk About MS on 'The Talk'

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