Aerosmith's "Sweet Emotion" offered the perfect soundtrack to the previous teaser for Pixar's upcoming animated adventure Inside Out, but for the movie's latest trailer, another band from Boston gets the honor.

For the film's third trailer, it's Boston themselves who contribute a rock classic to the clip — and if you know the movie's about the adventures of a young girl's personified emotions, it should come as no surprise that the song in question is the band's 1976 smash hit "More Than a Feeling."

As you can see above, the new trailer delves a little deeper into Inside Out's storyline, revealing that at least a portion of the plot revolves around a quest undertaken by Joy (Amy Poehler) and Sadness (Phyllis Smith) after a mishap involving one of the core memories held by their host Riley.

Where the other clips have emphasized the movie's comedic moments, this one makes more room for the poignant undertones that have helped make previous Pixar outings such beloved family classics, using Joy and Sadness' adventure to illustrate how easily our feelings can fall out of whack — and suggesting a possible explanation for tween behavior dominated by Anger (Lewis Black), Fear (Bill Hader) and Disgust (Mindy Kaling).

Inside Out opens June 19, by which point Boston will be midway through their 2015 summer tour promoting the 2013 release Life Hope and Love.

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