Iggy Pop debuted "Gardenia," the first single from his new Post Pop Depression album, during a joint appearance last night on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert alongside the project's producer, Eagles of Death Metal founder Josh Homme.

"I proposed to him by text from my flip phone," joked Pop. "I just said, 'I thought maybe we could write something and record it.' I didn't want to put it in a box, and neither did he. ... We corresponded by text and prose poem for awhile."

"It's a wonderful way to get to know somebody," added Homme. "You should try it."

The duo decamped to the area surrounding the Joshua Tree National Park in southeastern California, where, as Homme put it, "It's lovely because you have a chance to make mistakes and figure things out, find your own path. When you make a record and nobody is aware you're doing it, you're kind of making it for each other. You're kind of there to excite and dazzle each other."

Pop and Homme told Colbert that the initial Post Pop Depression tracks were recorded in three weeks, after which Homme did a fair amount of production work — which he was still engaged in when the Eagles of Death Metal faced a horrific terrorist attack during their Nov. 13 concert in Paris. As Homme told the New York Times, it was only through a "stroke of fate" that he was still tied up in the studio when the band took the stage without him that night. "The fact that I had this to work on," he mused, "it saved me."

Post Pop Depression is out on March 18 and is available for pre-order now. Check out "Gardenia" above, and watch Pop and Homme's Late Show interview below.

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