If Iggy Pop is indeed serious about Post Pop Depression being his final album, he's sure picked a spectacular way to say goodbye. During the second half of the record's last song, "Paraguay," the Stooges frontman uncorks a furious, sprawling rant against modern society, particularly people who spend their days spreading useless information from behind a computer keyboard. (Hey, wait a minute ...)

"I feel like I'm closin' up after this," Pop recently said of the new album, on which he collaborates with Queens of the Stone Age frontman Josh Homme. "To really make an album, you really have to put everything into it. The energy's more limited now."

You wouldn't know Pop's got any stamina issues based on Post Pop Depression, which you can hear in full over at NPR right now. If the closing minutes of "Paraguay" are to be taken literally – always a dangerous assumption –  it seems more likely he's just fed up with our fearful, computer- and criticism-obsessed culture.

After admitting that he dreams of getting away "to a new life, where there's not so much f---ing knowledge," he starts pointing fingers: "I don't want any of this information. I don't want you. No, not anymore, I've had enough of ... you. Yeah, I'm talking to YOU."

Paraguay is Pop's destination of choice, or, maybe more accurately, anywhere he can live "free of criticism, free of manners and mores," somewhere "where people are still human beings, where they have spirit."

Pop saves his harshest words for some unspecified keyboard warrior, whom he seems to blame for wounding his very soul: "You take your motherf---ing laptop, just shove it into your goddamn foul mouth, down your s---heel gizzard, you f---ing phony two-faced, three-timing piece of turd! And I hope you s--- it out with all the words in it, and I hope the security services read those words and pick you up, and flay you for all your evil and poisonous intentions, cause I'm sick and it's your fault! And I'm going to go heal myself now."

There's much more where that came from, and it sounds a whole lot cooler coming direct from Pop, with Homme and company kicking up a big ruckus and chanting about wild animals doing whatever they damn well want to do in the background. Also be sure to check out the album's excellent first single "Gardenia" and the even better follow-up, "Sunday."

Post Pop Depression hits stores on April 18. Pop played a surprise show last night at the Teragram Ballroom in Los Angeles, and a six-week tour to support the album kicks off March 28 in Seattle.

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