Iggy Pop has experimented plenty over the course of his distinguished career, but don't expect to hear him tinkering with techno beats anytime soon.

Pop lamented the popularity of electronic music during a recent interview with the Guardian, comparing the genre unfavorably to good old-fashioned analog noise, which he described as "throwing an amp into the spirit of man." In contrast, he admitted that EDM saps his will to live.

"It’s like, whoa, you know," groaned Pop after imitating a club beat. "Why don’t I just die now?"

He recalled feeling similarly pained during an encounter with a fan he described as "a big yob from Serbia" who, after expressing his admiration for Pop's music, went on to share his enthusiasm for techno. "You gotta be polite," he noted. "But then when the guy walks away, you’re gonna be like: ‘Oh f--- you, Igor.’"

And it isn't just digital music Pop has little patience for either — as he explained in the interview, he fears that the ease of access that's gone along with the internet age could eventually kill creativity.

"The digital age has made collecting money so incredibly efficient. When we started our band we didn’t know what publishing was. Now you can push a button and get rich quick," he argued. "It might get to the point where it’s going to grip everybody by the shoulders and shake us and then throw us down and get rid of us."

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