The Metallica and Lou Reed collaboration 'Lulu' was brutally torn apart by fans, critics and even an Internet meme when it came out last year, and has since been long forgotten.

Or has it?

Radio personality Howard Stern was among those dismissing it when it dropped, but he has since changed his tune after being won over by the 19-minute long closing track, 'Junior Dad.' He even took to the satellite airwaves on Monday morning (Jan. 30) to rave about the tune.

"I listened to it at least ten times over," said Stern. "It is fantastic. The whole thing is just very moving, [I was moved] to tears. And the music is as good as any symphony. I think if you sit and listen to it for 19 minutes it will just wash over you. I'm telling you this is a great song."

He concluded: "I listened to it at least ten times and it got better and better and better."

And Stern isn't the only one coming out of the woodwork to defend 'Lulu.' Cult frontman Ian Astbury recently discussed the album with Rolling Stone, going so far as calling 'Junior Dad' "a f---ing brilliant piece of music."

"You know, everyone's saying 'Oh, it's disgusting, it's an abomination.' You know the amount of hate they got for that record. Hate!" Astbury said. "[But] if you actually listen to the record, there's some phenomenal moments on it, by anybody's standards."

Watch Metallica and Lou Reed Perform 'Junior Dad'

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