Howard Stern / Jimi Hendrix

Radio personality Howard Stern, an avid fan of both classic rock and 'American Idol,' declared that country music is 'horrible' and that this year's 'Idol' winner should have been Jimi Hendrix, not Scotty McCreery, in a particularly inspired tongue-in-cheek rant on his show this morning.

"Listen, I'm not gonna dwell on 'American Idol,'" Stern declared. "All I'm gonna say is, the kid who won is one-dimensional. If it's a signing competition, you've got to be able to sing all types of music. When they give that kid anything but a s------ country song, he can't sing it. The kid sings in one range, every song sounds the same."

Earlier in the segment, Stern's co-host Robin Quivers innocently noted that this year's 'Idol' show wound up with two country music-influenced finalists, sending Stern into a tirade:

"Country music is for people who are not that good. Let's be honest. Because country fans accept mediocre s---. Those songs can't possibly move you.  It's impossible. You're soulless, if you think that's music."

So who should have won, in Stern's view? Jimi Hendrix, that's who! "Listen to him, he's so beautiful. Now there's my 'American Idol!'" Quivers tried to imagine what the guitar legend's fate on 'Idol' would have been as 'Voodoo Child' played in the background, noting "he would have been drummed out of the auditions!"

"Right, that's the sad part," Howard quickly agreed. "For Scotty McCreery, young Jimi Hendrix would have been booted, in the early rounds." He then went on to imitate the judges on this fictional audition: "What are you dressed as? You're weird, get out! You don't know how to sing. Look, it's not happening for you. Maybe try acting."

As for people who disagree with Stern's opinion on country music, as usual he has a solution: "You're seriously f----d up if you think that's music. I don't give a s----. There, I said it. Don't listen [to the show] if you disagree with me. You're not my kinda guy."

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