The louder the music, the more romantically faithful the listener — at least according to the results of a recent survey conducted by a dating site dedicated to setting up "discreet" connections between people seeking to step out on their significant others.

The Daily Mirror reports that the Victoria Milan dating service polled its users to try and determine how someone's favorite music might correlate with their willingness to cheat, and the possibly somewhat surprising results indicate that jazz fans are the least faithful, while metal lovers make the most virtuous partners.

The idea behind the study seems to be that when you hear your partner's favorite music, it makes you think about them. "As long-term relationships progress, the excitement and passion and fire slowly dies out and people start to look for that missing element outside their relationship," says Victoria Milan exec Sigurd Vedal. "The song you choose to listen to in your car as you go to meet your lover, or the music you are playing while you are intimate becomes much more touching than the music you walked down the aisle to 10 years ago."

How that translates to any kind of intrinsic trustworthiness (or lack thereof) in jazz, salsa, or pop listeners as opposed to metal fans is obviously up for debate, but you can take a look at the results of the survey — which reportedly boils down responses from roughly 6,500 respondents — below.

Unfaithful Relationship Partners Arranged According to Favorite Styles of Music
Jazz: 19 percent
Salsa: 14 percent
Pop: 13 percent
Country: 12 percent
Rap: 9 percent
Classical music: 8 percent
Blues: 6 percent
Reggae: 5 percent
Rock: 5 percent
Electronica: 4 percent
Indie: 3 percent
Metal: 2 percent

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