It's been a long, strange trip for Heart, as they've weathered label problems, lineup changes and ridiculous fashion trends during a decades-long career. However, the band — whose longest-running (and most recognizable) members are sisters Ann and Nancy Wilson — has produced a remarkably consistent body of work.

Sure, '80s-era Heart recorded songs that were glossier and more pop-driven ("Alone," "What About Love," "These Dreams"), which made them wildly successful global superstars. However, the band never lost the kind of sincerity that made its stripped-back, folk-influenced '70s output so enduring, while Ann Wilson's powerful howl remained strong and passionate no matter what the material.

Indeed, Heart's glorious duality has always been what's made the band's music special: Throughout their career, the Wilson sisters took care to balance their dreamier, poetic tendencies with a rough-hewn rock edge — from early hits such as the galloping "Barracuda" and pummeling "Crazy On You" all the way through modern-day classics such as "Dear Old America" and "Mashallah." In fact, the following list of Heart Albums Ranked Worst To Best wasn't an easy one to compile, because unlike many long-running groups, the band has never made a bad record.

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