A hardcore Hawkwind fan's drunken quest for memorabilia led to the theft of a parking ticket the band incurred during its March 4 stop in Glasgow — but they won't have to pick up the tab.

Classic Rock magazine reports that 50-year-old Dougie Kell, a Scottish member of the Hawkwind faithful, awoke the morning after the gig to discover that he'd absconded with a ticket that had been left on the tour bus. "The gig was mind-blowing," explained Kell, adding that he and some of his fellow fans had the chance to hang out with members of the band after the show. "It was brilliant. Basically I was [drunk]. I took the ticket, then I woke up the next morning and there it was. So I’m going to pay it!"

For Kell, who says he's going to add the ticket to his collection of rock keepsakes, it's just an opportunity to give back to a band that's provided him with countless hours of entertainment. "I first saw them in 1979," he added. "I’ve seen them about 15 times, and they’re a very friendly band."

The magazine reached out to Hawkwind mainstay Dave Brock for comment, and he proved suitably appreciative. "They're a great lot, our fans, and they've amassed some unique memorabilia over the years," he laughed. "It’s only a shame they didn't take the parking warden too!"

The band, which celebrated its 45th anniversary last year, remains a constant presence on the road and in record stores; aside from their recently announced Warrior Live LP, they're also prepping the release of an 11-disc box covering their releases between 1970-74.

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