Members of the band Gwar helped return a very important personal belonging to a fan at a recent Los Angeles concert: his prosthetic leg.

The leg was lost as Baron Vidar crowd-surfed among fellow fans, leading bassist Beefcake the Mighty to announce from the stage: “If anybody’s got a fake leg out there, or got an extra fake leg out there, send it this way, because this guy need his fucking leg." The leg was quickly found and held aloft to cheers from audience members, who passed the prosthetic forward to its rightful owner.

The band shared a clip of the experience on Instagram with the caption: “Not the first (or last) time someone lost a body part in the GWAR pit. This time it was just caught on video." You can watch the scene below.

Gwar are currently on the road for a belated 30th-anniversary tour celebrating the band's 1990 album, Scumdogs of the Universe, which was released in deluxe format last year. Gwar have been performing the entirety of the LP during each stop of the current tour. In September, the band appeared at Chicago's Riot Fest, supported by fellow metal veterans Madball and Eyehategod.

“We’ve been saving it up," singer Blothar the Berserker said of the 42-date tour when it was announced this past summer. "And we are ready to explode all over the face of this nation with a dazzling flood of chaotic shock-rock load."

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