It must suck to be Axl Rose right now. The Guns N' Roses singer, who granted VH1 Classic's 'That Metal Show' host Eddie Trunk an hour long interview on Sunday morning (Oct. 30) at the ass crack of dawn, is reportedly suffering from both bronchitis and Montezuma's Revenge. Yikes!

It's no fun to be sick while on the road, exposed to germs and far away from home. However, if Axl is indeed battling a chest infection and a raging case of traveler's diarrhea, then we can expect an outbreak of a different sort than that of his infamous cranky temper!

Blabbermouth reports that a source deep within Rose's management team revealed that the singer is afflicted with these terrible physical issues. Is it possible that a wave of canceled tour dates are on the horizon? Some of us would not be surprised if Rose postpones some concerts in the coming days. After all, he has a history of tardiness, even when he's not battling any diseases.

That said, we must give credit when it's due. It's worth noting that Rose has been playing three-hour sets with GN'R for the past few days and last night's Halloween show in Greenville, South Carolina was scheduled to go on as planned. So he is soldiering through his medical maladies. Montezuma's Revenge -- that's no fun, whether you are are a famous rock star or an average Joe.

We hope Axl consumes plenty of tea and toast and gets better soon. Rose's interview with 'That Metal Show' is set to air on Nov. 11 as part of the network's 'National Metal Day.'