Guns N’ Roses released their 1986 piano and vocal demo version of “November Rain,” which appears on the Appetite for Destruction reissue that comes out today.

You can listen to the 10-minute song below.

The reissue was announced earlier this year, with attention focusing on the "Locked N’ Loaded" edition, which retails for $999, is limited to 10,000 units and contains more than 80 items alongside the original album and 49 previously unheard tracks.

UMe president and CEO Bruce Resnikoff recently explained why the box set -- which he said was not the most expensive ever, but it was the most extensive -- was made.

“We have a certain reverence for the band, the music and the fans," he said. "And while we spoke a bit and thought about it, until the timing was right where the music, the band and the fans all got aligned, we left it on the back-burner, only because you only get one chance to do something special with bands like this and particularly albums like this, and it had to be done at the right time and the right way and create the right experience.”

He noted that "it was amazing that so much was of a quality that was consistent with the sound, the image and how current the band remains.”

Meanwhile, Knucklebonz announced the release of a limited-edition Appetite for Destruction 3D album sleeve, which features the original artwork recreated in resin, with the main elements rising out of the cover. Only 1,987 copies will be made available, at a price of $249, with a 10 percent discount during the pre-order period. The models will ship sometime the summer.



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