Guns N' Roses are ready to get back on the road with their Not in This Lifetime Tour, and they've shared a series of behind-the-scenes videos to help fans gear up for the shows. The clip above finds keyboardists Melissa Reese and Dizzy Reed and drummer Frank Ferrer sharing their favorite GNR songs and pre-show rituals. For Ferrer, the top Guns cut is "You Could Be Mine," while Reese called out "Coma" and Reed chimed in, "I've gotta go back to my first favorite, which was 'Nightrain.'"

As far as rituals go, Reed says he likes to "get a little loose" before heading onstage, which tends to entail a shot of Jägermeister. Ferrer takes a different approach: "Being alone and quiet. Maybe a little glass of wine." Reese, meanwhile, prefers "to get all jacked up on sugar and ready to go."

"The excitement exists within the fans, obviously," adds Reed. "And we do this for them. ... We're pretty pumped, man." Ferrer concurs: "I can't imagine what the fans are feeling. If they're feeling half of what I'm feeling, they're losing their minds." "I'm one of you guys," Reese says. "I'm up here experiencing this the same way you are."

The clip is just one of several the band has shared on social media in the days leading up to their show at Ford Field in Detroit tonight. Production manager Dale "Opie" Skjerseth promised an epic performance in a recent interview with the Detroit Free Press, predicting a set running at least two and a half hours in length and spanning their entire catalog. Saying they've been "rehearsing every song they know," he added, "It'll be their first night. They'll be fresh and want to try everything."

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