With Guns N’ Roses freshly revealed as one of the nominees for the 2012 class of inductees to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Axl Rose will make his case on the road (accompanied by the current crew of musicians operating under the GN'R banner) with a fall tour that continues to expand with actual tour dates confirmed for a number of previously announced cities.

The trek is sponsored by Monster Energy drink, which will hopefully fuel Axl towards finding his way to the stage on time each night. (We're not holding our breath.) Many cities who were listed on the itinerary but not given dates, including Omaha, East Rutherford, Houston, Wilkes-Barre, Worcester and Camden, now know what days, if not what venues, Guns N' Roses will be playing at.

Concrete dates are still lurking and remain unannounced (although the cities themselves have been confirmed) for Tulsa, Detroit, Cincinnati, Nashville, Indianapolis and Denver.

Pre-sale dates and information can be found on the band’s official Facebook page.

Guns N' Roses Fall 2011 Tour Dates:

10/28 – Orlando, Fla.
10/29 – Miami, Fla.
10/31 – Greenville, S.C.
11/2 – Atlanta, Ga.
11/4 – Houston, Texas
11/5 – Dallas, Texas
11/8 – Omaha, Neb.
11/12 – Kansas City, Mo.
11/13 – Minneapolis, Minn.
11/15 – Rosemont, Ill.
11/17 – East Rutherford, N.J.
11/19 – Hartford, Ct.
11/20 – Wilkes-Barre, Pa.
11/25 – Worcester, Mass.
11/26 – Camden, N.J.

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