From the Italian DJ duo that brought you the Lady Gaga/Metallica remix ‘Enter Telephone’ and the Kesha/Queen mash-up ‘Radio Tik Tok’ comes their latest and greatest project. This time around the DJs From Mars have mashed-up hard rockers Guns N' Roses' 'November Rain' with late British soul-pop diva Amy Winehouse's 'Rehab' to create 'November Rehab.'

The track meshes the backing music from GN'R's 1991 epic and vocals from the biggest hit by Winehouse, who passed away suddenly this July at the age of 27. Not much is known about the DJs From Mars, other than they've created dozens of interesting mash-ups, and when they appear live they perform with brown boxes over their heads (one with a big smiley face, one with a large frown).

The DJFM have sporadic spinning gigs lined up across Europe and currently are booked through a Feb. 23 appearance at something called WinterJam in Tallin, Estonia. Check out their complete itinerary here. Please note: neither Axl Rose nor the ghost of Amy Winehouse are expected to show up at any of these scheduled appearances.

Watch DJs From Mars' Guns N' Roses/Amy Winehouse's Mash-Up 'November Rehab'


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