Conventional wisdom says that when it comes to relationships, opposites attract. Besides keeping things interesting, differences of opinion often lead to engaging, mind-expanding discussions.

But for one Ohio couple, a healthy debate about who was the best axe-slinger ever -- former Guns N' Roses mane man Slash or riff king Eddie Van Halen -- devolved into a rather nasty argument that eventually landed them in jail. Reports Sun News out of Cleveland:

A couple was arrested after their argument over who was the greatest guitarist of all time became so heated that Motel 6 staff was forced to call the Brook Park police.

The boyfriend was screaming on behalf of Slash, lead guitarist for Guns and Roses. The girlfriend was jumping for Eddie Van Halen, namesake of ’80s rockers Van Halen.

Now, to be clear, the lovebirds weren't arrested because of the actual fight -- or for their musical preferences. No, to add insult to injury, after the cops showed up and restored peace, they discovered the man and woman had outstanding warrants in other municipalities.

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