You've memorized the song, but can you remember the group? It's sometimes harder than you might think.

After all, we don't have Casey Kasem around anymore to name-check the greatest bands in rock history on his weekly radio show. (Not to mention warming our hearts with another long-distance dedication.)

Yet there's something about these tracks that sticks in our collective heads. You've heard them on television, in the movies, and on YouTube and streaming services. They find their way into your Instagram stories and TikToks. But just because these huge songs are everywhere doesn't necessarily mean you know who's singing. Edit it all down to just one line, and it might be impossible to guess.

Stacker has done just that, allowing rock fans to put on their thinking caps for a fun new test: Can you identify some of the best-known acts with only a single lyric?

To make it as fair as possible, there won't be deep cuts. These lyrics are from well-known tracks that eventually became synonymous with familiar bands. And, yes, the following quiz focuses only on bands. There won't be any solo acts. The tracks have also been randomized to mix and match eras from the '60s through the present.

Ready to rock 'n' roll? Let's see how many iconic lyrics you know by heart:

Can You Guess the Rock Band From Just One Lyric?

You've memorized the song, but can you remember the group? Take this Stacker quiz to find out.

Gallery Credit: Stacker

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