Do you think you Kihn handle this news? '80s rocker Greg Kihn has announced the release of 'Greg Kihn Band: Best of Berserkley, 1974-1985.' The release is actually a victory of sorts for Kihn, who for the past 16-plus years, has been an on-air personality with KFOX-FM 102.1 San Francisco / 98.5 San Jose.

Kihn was one of Beserkley's most popular artists in terms of sales. His 1983 record 'Kihnspiracy' was certified gold for 500,000 units sold, driven by the success of his single 'Jeopardy' which landed in heavy rotation during MTV's earliest days. In 1986 however, Beserkely closed up shop and licensed out their entire catalog.

'Best of Beserkely 1974-1985' features a total of 21 tracks, 19 of which are remastered versions of original hits such as 'The Breakup Song (They Don't Write 'Em Like That)', 'Happy Man', 'Reunited" and of course, 'Jeopardy'.

Kihn, along with Pat Benatar and the Steve Miller Band will be performing at the Shoreline Amphitheater in Mountain View, California on Saturday, July 14 as a part of the annual KFOX-FM Kinhcert.

In addition to his radio gig, Kihn has written four novels and is currently shopping a television series about the Mafia.

"I wrote the pilot and what they call 'the bible,' which is the plot for the entire season. It’s called ’45 RPM,’" he told us in December. "I've been down to Hollywood a couple of times, we’re meeting with various networks and production companies, there’s genuine interest here. So far so good, I’m just keeping my fingers crossed."

Watch 'Jeopardy' by the Greg Kihn Band

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