A Grateful Dead belt buckle designed with the iconic ‘Steal Your Face’ emblem sold for big money on eBay recently. Formed in the style of an Owsley ‘Bear’ Stanley belt buckle, this custom made piece managed to steal more than face; it stole someone’s money, $2,000.00 to be exact.

In regards to its rarity, the seller references Owsley Stanley, the ‘60s LSD chemist and original Grateful Dead sound engineer because he had his own line of belt buckles that have proven to have immense value on the collectors market. Though the backside of this 4” buckle is marked and numbered it’s unclear as to who actually created this piece.

Sterling silver holds its value; it ages well and it’s absolutely stunning when paired with turquoise, so perhaps it was the buyer who did the stealing here. Add the ivory and the skilled artistry of inlaying both stones in and around the ‘Steal Your Face’ image and suddenly a handcrafted jewel takes on a brand new identity. Evidently, one that’s trippy enough to land a $2,000.00 winning bid.