Guns N' Roses frontman Axl Rose and Joan Jett took home the biggest honors -- and displayed some saintly patience -- during tonight's frequently chaotic Golden Gods Awards ceremony.

As an unedited home viewing experience, the show left much to be desired. There were long, momentum-killing gaps between nearly every band's introduction and actual performance, one of which prompted Jett to ask, "Did I do something wrong?" Deep Purple somehow beat Black Sabbath for 'Comeback of the Year,' a choice that left presenter Scott Ian of Anthrax literally shaking his head both onstage and on Twitter.

Jett had to re-do her performance of 'I Hate Myself for Loving You' when guest star Taylor Momsen's vocal line was flubbed the first time around. For some reason, ZZ Top guitarist Billy Gibbons showed up for the second take, did some cheerleading and then split without further explanation -- or a single guitar lick. Naturally, Jett was a total professional despite this confusion.

Zakk Wylde played the piano and sang a touching tribute to metal stars who've passed away -- not just in the past year, but in a unique and slightly odd move, over the last decade or so. This went from random to just plain wrong when Jani Lane of Warrant was identified as a former member of Motorhead.

Jani Lane

In another unique touch, both of the evening's main honorees had two different presenters speak separately on their behalf -- comedian Andrew 'Dice' Clay and actor Nicolas Cage for Rose, then Twisted Sister frontman Dee Snider and Alice Cooper for Jett.

As the delays and hiccups mounted, you couldn't help but wonder if we were in store for an old-school blow-up from Rose, a noted perfectionist who's not afraid to speak up (or storm out) when production problems raise their head.

But the singer, on hand both to perform and accept the Golden God Lifetime Achievement honor, seemingly handled himself with class and patience -- even after the band's set was delayed several minutes by what seemed to be microphone problems. Once everyone was ready (and Cage came back out for a second impassioned introduction), the band turned in a nine song, hour-long show featuring 'Welcome to the Jungle,' 'You Could be Mine' and a confetti-laden 'Paradise City.'

Rose's acceptance speech was brief, but notable for his gracious shout-out to all the former lineups of Guns N' Roses as well as his road crew and managers. Similarly, Jett had kind words for her former Runaways bandmates Lita Ford and Cherie Currie, who were in the audience.

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