Under doctor's orders, Ginger Baker has canceled the entirety of his tour schedule. The legendary drummer for Cream has been diagnosed with "serious heart problems." There is no mention of words like "postponement" or "rescheduling" in the statement, nor are there specifics about his condition.

"To all fans; it is with great sadness that we announce the cancellation of all shows," began an announcement from "Team Baker" on his Facebook page. "Ginger's doctor's have insisted that he have complete rest due to diagnosis of serious heart problems. We hope you will all join with his family in wishing him well. God bless Ginger Baker."

Baker's Air Force 3 had been booked to play 10 shows in total. There were five dates in the U.K. in the last week of April, which was to be followed by four nights in the U.S. across May. The final concert on his calendar was the Ramlin' Man Fair in Kent, U.K. in late-July.

In December 2014, the famously cantankerous Baker, now 76, revealed that he had lost a lot of his money through bad investments and that, even though his health was declining in his old age, he had to keep working. “God is punishing me for my past by keeping me alive with these incredibly painful situations," he said. "I’ve just had a disaster with one of my royalty payments. I go forward. I don’t look backward, but these things keep happening to me. There’s a curse on me, I think.”

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