'Sum of the Parts,' the Genesis documentary that adds more than half an hour of extra footage to the recently aired BBC retrospective of the band, arrives on DVD and Blu-ray Jan. 13.

Earlier reports suggested that the film would see release on Nov. 17, but that appears to have been overly optimistic -- although Eagle Rock, the company responsible for the 'Sum of the Parts' home release, promises it'll be worth the wait, boasting "contributions from key members past and present" as well as "previously unseen archive material and rare performance footage from across their entire career." All in all, adds the press release, the movie serves as "the perfect DVD and Blu-ray companion" to the new triple-disc Genesis 'R-Kive' compilation.

"We’re the only band, I think, that have managed the solo thing and the band thing for quite a few years side-by-side, and made it a plus rather than a problem," mused guitarist Mike Rutherford in a press release. Added former Genesis singer Peter Gabriel, “I think when we got it right we had something that none of us could do on our own. And there were different musical histories merging together in a powerful way." Band manager Tony Smith shared his own excitement, saying, "It’s fascinating to see the breadth, diversity and worldwide success of the songs and compositions that have come from this one group of people, in this truly unique film."

Notably absent from the 'Sum of the Parts' celebration is ex-Genesis guitarist Steve Hackett, who's already voiced his displeasure regarding the BBC documentary, calling it "a biased account." Here's hoping the extra half hour of footage results in a movie more to his liking.

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