Kiss co-founder Gene Simmons shared his experiences with the heart condition known as atrial fibrillation, or AFib, on a recent episode of The Doctors.

During the segment, which you can watch above, Simmons recalled being on tour when he first felt the symptoms of AFib, and was worried enough to seek medical attention — which left him with some sobering information.

"I had never heard of the term AFib, but about 10 years ago, we were on tour someplace, and onstage the temperature goes up about a hundred, with all the stage lights," Simmons recalled, demonstrating the motion of an irregular heartbeat. "I started to get dizzy and perspire and short of breath. So I called a doctor, and he showed up and said, 'Okay, here's what's going on. There's something called AFib,' and he went down the list. And it was a lot to take in."

According to Simmons, that remains the only incidence of AFib he's experienced, though he stressed that he's careful to safeguard his health even while he's on tour with Kiss. "I haven't really had recurring problems, because I get lots of rest and drink lots of liquids," said Simmons. "But am I prone to AFib? You bet."

After leading The Doctors through his museum of licensed Kiss products, Simmons left the audience with a few words of wisdom. "You've got to lead a healthy lifestyle. Find out what's going on on the inside," he said when asked for his biggest piece of health advice. "You may not see it on the outside, but you'll feel it."

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