Kiss fans with $10K to blow can own a one-of-a-kind motor vehicle. It's a 1970 Volkswagen Beetle, advertised on the Denver, Colo. Craigslist site.  In addition to the sweet paint job, the vehicle has been restored on the inside with a new engine, new tires and wheels and a whole bunch of other upgrades that the likely buyer isn't going to care about. Seriously, if you're considering this vehicle are you concerned about the life on the tires?

The smart seller will have this thing ready for a buyer before the band comes to Englewood, Colo. on Aug. 8. His or her posting on Craigslist shows three more pictures, including one that reveals the Gene Simmons replication didn't stop with the tongue and paint job. This bug has a full head of hair!

Ten grand actually seems like a fair price for this sweet ride, especially when one considers what the band is charging for their new 'Monster' book. We can't help but wonder what a head-on crash what the Oscar Meyer Weinermoblie would look like.

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