Geezer Butler is arranging his personal schedule during Black Sabbath's ongoing tour so that he doesn't miss a single England match during the World Cup in Brazil. A new report says that he's been booking pubs and hotel lounges throughout Europe in order to watch.

“Geezer is a huge football fan,” bandmate Tony Iommi tells the Birmingham Mail, their hometown newspaper. “He’s been watching every game he can, no matter who’s playing -- but the England matches are especially important. We’re all hoping that England turns it round on Thursday night, and that there will be cause for celebration. But I’ve warned Geezer not to burn the midnight oil too often, or he’ll be too tired for the gigs!”

Unfortunately, Butler's viewing party after Black Sabbath's June 14 concert in Munich turned sour when England lost to Italy, 2-1. He'll be back home, during a quick break from touring, as England takes on Uruguay today (June 19).

England's final group game, against Costa Rica next Tuesday, coincides with Black Sabbath's trip back in Germany for a show in Stuttgart.

However, one possible World Cup scenario has England -- should they advance beyond the group stage and the second round -- in the quarterfinals at the same time as Butler is set to take the stage for a July 4 performance by Sabbath at the British Summer Time Festival in Hyde Park. "Geezer," Iommi quipped, "will have to record the game."

In addition to England, Butler is a lifelong supporter of Birmingham club Aston Villa, and frequently tweets during the games. Villa finished in 15th place in the 20-team English Premier League last season.