Geddy Lee was revealed as a guest star in the next episode of the Canadian detective TV show Murdoch Mysteries. The former Rush frontman plays a character in the story “Devil Music,” which airs on CBC in Canada on March 21.

It’s the 21st episode of the 15th season, starring Yannick Bisson as William Murdoch, whose cutting-edge approach to solving crime in the early 1900s gets results but confuses his colleagues. While full details weren't revealed, TV guides reported a summary: “Murdoch investigates the murder of a musician whose death was narrated in a blues song.”

Producers released a 15-second clip featuring Lee in a brief moment with the message: “Next week's episode is going to have you RUSHING to your screen, so make sure to clear your schedule. With big things happening and a familiar face, you don't want to miss this one!”

A later post featured a picture of Lee alongside Bisson. “Next week the one and only Geddy Lee steps into the LIMELIGHT,” the caption read. “What role do you think this WORKING MAN will play? Find out Monday.” Lee posted an image of himself in character, noting that "during the deep freeze in the great white north we filmed a thing,” adding that he was smiling despite enduring temperatures of -30 C.

Lee’s “great white north” line is a possible reference to the 1981 album by Bob and Doug McKenzie. Rick Moranis and Dave Thomas played their SCTV characters in sketches as well as in the song “Take Off,” on which Lee sings and is introduced after having talked to the brothers’ lawyers about his appearance. “Ten bucks is ten bucks,” he says about the gig.

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