Bruce Springsteen appears as a special guest on a new song by the New Jersey rock band the Gaslight Anthem. You can hear the track, titled "History Books," below.

The song is the first to be released from the Gaslight Anthem's upcoming album, which is also titled History Books. It will be released on Oct. 27.

"When Bruce Springsteen said I should write a duet for us, I think my head exploded," the Gaslight Anthem's frontman Brian Fallon said in a press release. "It will never get old to me that one of the greatest songwriters in the world, and one of my hero's voices, will forever be captured in a song I wrote at a small wooden desk, in October, in New Jersey."

The Gaslight Anthem was formed in 2006 in New Brunswick, New Jersey, less than an hour's drive from Springsteen's hometown of Long Branch. The band also includes guitarist Alex Rosamilia, bassist Alex Levine and drummer Benny Horowitz.

History Books is the Gaslight Anthem's sixth album and their first in nine years. “When you have a band reach any level of success or popularity, that's a gift,” Fallon noted. "It's truly a miracle to be able to do your art for a living. Having the band come this far and be able to still find inspiration and connection in our music is a treasure. We’re thrilled to be back, and we thank our fans for allowing us time to regroup.”

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