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Fu Manchu, who as a band are one of the finest contributions Southern California has made to the world of rock and roll over the last twenty years, are releasing an album called 'The Covers' featuring their versions of songs by Blue Oyster Cult, Van Halen and the Cars, among others.

If you're not familiar with Fu Manchu, here's a quick and very appropriate explanation of their sound courtesy of AllMusic: "Punk energy, classic rock drive, psychedelic crunch, and heavy-ass grind all at once -- really, is anything more needed?"

The band, who are currently on tour celebrating the 15th anniversary of one of their best albums, 1996's 'In Search Of..," have long been in the habit of including a cover song on most of their studio records. 'The Covers,' which is currently available only at the band's shows, collects all 14 of these tracks.

That means you get Fu's much-beloved cover of Blue Oyster Cult's 'Godzilla,' a frequently requested set-closer at their shows, as well as their take on 'D.O.A.' from Van Halen's second album, the title track from Thin Lizzy's 'Jailbreak,' and 'Moving in Stereo' from the Cars.

These classic rock tunes blend comfortably with Fu Manchu's versions of songs from their favorite punk rock bands, such as Black Flag and the Circle Jerks. Although the record's clearly aimed at existing fans, based on how and where it is being sold, newbies are advised to do themselves a favor and use the links above to check out some of the band's cover versions of classic rock songs.

Hopefully, hearing these familiar songs delivered in Fu Manchu style will serve as a gateway drug and get you interested in checking out their original songs such as 'King of the Road' and 'Evil Eye.' The band will be on tour for most of November, you can get their tour dates on their official site.

Watch Fu Manchu Perform 'Godzilla' Live in Concert

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