In 1983, Freddie Mercury recorded some tracks with Michael Jackson that have remained in Queen's vault. Now, drummer Roger Taylor tells us that he and Brian May have completed them, and the songs will see the light of day, pending approval from Jackson's estate.

“Brian especially has been active working on old tracks," he told Classic Rock Magazine. "A couple of tracks that Freddie did with Michael Jackson...They’ve been hanging around for years and years and Michael’s estate haven’t really been able to make their mind up about what to do with them. So we suggested we finish them and see. They’re pretty good – one of them is great.”

Back in September, May revealed that the band had recently found some long-lost tapes in their archives. "We thought we’d exhausted everything that was around and could be worked on,” he said. “But since then a number of things have come to light from various sources that we’d just plain forgotten about, including the stuff with Freddie and Michael Jackson … Just a couple of weeks ago, we thought, ‘Maybe we shouldn’t be just working on odd bits and pieces? Maybe we should be heading towards an album?’ It just might be.”

While there are very few details available on this new project, the hints May and Taylor have given suggest that it will be similar to 1995's 'Made in Heaven' album, where the three surviving members added music to vocal tracks recorded by Mercury.

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