California-based indie pop band Foster the People put their own unique (and sweaty) spin on Neil Young's 'Heart of Gold' this weekend in Chicago, giving the classic song a sweet and unexpected indie pop sheen when they performed it live as part of their Lollapalooza set.

Lollapalooza 2011 was all about the covers -- check out A Perfect Circle doing Led Zeppelin and John Lennon proud here, and for many more go to the always awesome resource website Cover Me -- as many bands siphoned from the classic rock canon with their choices.

It's always a testament to good songwriting when a song can be totally transformed by a band that sounds nothing like the original performer of the song, and that is certainly the case with Foster the People and Neil Young.

The song, as you well know, appears on 1972's 'Harvest,' which likely came out before the members of Foster the People were even born, so it's beyond impressive to see (and hear) a newer, up and coming band pay their respects to one of the legends of rock music at a major rock festival.

Hopefully, Foster the People exposed some of the young turks in the audience to an artist that they should be educated about, but if they're not, well, there's no time like the present.

Watch Foster the People Perform 'Heart of Gold'

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