More details have leaked in the alleged assault case against former Grateful Dead drummer Mickey Hart, as TMZ reports the accuser claims the drummer beat him aboard his tour bus.

According to the obtained police documents, the accuser told police in Mercer, Ky. that he owned the tour bus that Hart was using and rented it to the rocker for the show. The accuser claims that Hart's manager called him over to the bus as the drummer wanted to speak with him, but when he entered the back section, Hart shut the door and beat him.

The accuser did not go into detail as to why Hart allegedly got angry with him, but did state, "[He] threw me down, started [to] cuss [at] me, hitting me, pushing me around, then told me to get off MY bus."

Hart claims the whole thing is made up and calls the story "bizarre." In a statement earlier this week, the musician explained that the accusations are "completely false and without any basis whatsoever." He added, "I played drums on 'Shakedown Street,' but I never expected to be 'The Victim or the Crime.'"

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