Foreigner's Mick Jones made headlines back in February when a heart attack forced him to undergo surgery -- and cancel a string of tour dates in the bargain -- but he's on the mend and back on the road again.

Jones discussed his ordeal during a recent red carpet appearance for the UK premiere of Led Zeppelin's 'Celebration Day' concert documentary, telling reporters, "I'm feeling well -- I just did a show a couple weeks ago in Atlanta."

Continued Jones, "I'm just working my way back in, making sure I'm healthy enough, but I'm feeling good; everything's sort of behind me now."

Jones went on to describe his return to the stage as "really emotional," explaining, "That's never happened to me before; I never missed a show in my life. The band is so good, though, I wanted to keep it going -- I could not let go of it. They held it together, and just getting back to the guys was wonderful -- everybody was very supportive."

It's a happy ending to a story that could have ended with Jones being forced to retire from music. "It was a thought at one point, yeah," he admitted. "I didn't know what was going to happen; I was coming to terms with the fact that might be a possibility. But really," he laughed, "at the end of the day that's what keeps me alive and happy."

Foreigner Rocks Again After Mick Jones' Heart Attack

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