With the historically complicated relationship between former Foreigner lead singer Lou Gramm and founding guitarist Mick Jones, it's a given that Gramm would have some choice words about the current version of the group.

Brain surgery in the late '90s robbed Gramm of his legendary vocal range, and although he bravely returned to Foreigner for several years, he and Jones acrimoniously parted ways in 2003.

Vocalist Kelly Hansen, his replacement in Foreigner, helped Jones to deliver a musical experience that was so accurate, we were rubbing our eyes with disbelief when we saw the band with Journey earlier this month.

Still, Gramm believes that calling the new lineup Foreigner is “misleading" and "false advertising," telling Spinner, “as I've learned talking to people who see those shows... in many cases the audience, especially if they're younger, don't even know it's not the original lead singer. In Foreigner's case, as I understand it, the singer was actually trained to deliver pretty much exactly everything as I did it, note for note. If I were in the audience and learned that while I was there, I'd get up and leave."

He continues to tour solo with his own band, performing Foreigner songs and solo hits like 'Midnight Blue.' Foreigner hasn't been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame yet, but Gramm says whether or not that happens matters very little to him, and that he “always be very proud of what we accomplished.”

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