The Foo Fighters appear to have big plans for November.

The band's website underwent an overhaul Oct. 29, replaced by a splash screen emblazoned with their logo and a countdown clock; as NME notes, it's set to run out Nov. 23, triggering fan speculation about "a big upcoming announcement."

As some have pointed out, the logo on the page is shaped sort of like a road sign, which would seem to indicate that the band is getting ready to announce a second season of their Sonic Highways series. The first run of episodes, which aired on HBO last year, followed the Foos on a cross-country journey through a number of major American cities and recording studios as they interacted with local musicians and cut tracks for their Sonic Highways LP.

Although they haven't really discussed anything concretely, the band has hinted previously at plans for a second season of Sonic Highways. In an interview earlier this year, frontman Dave Grohl and drummer Taylor Hawkins suggested that the next batch of episodes could send the Foos on a pilgrimage to studios in the U.K., Europe or Australia.

Meanwhile, the band members have also been at work on new material while they continue the Sonic Highways tour. During a stop in Austin earlier this month, Grohl told the crowd that the Foos had recorded no fewer than five new songs at a local studio. "We’re gonna give it to you," he promised, "but not tonight."

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