Foghat have launched their own branded condoms, named after their 1975 signature track “Slow Ride” and designed, they say, to help fans continue to enjoy the song safely.

The band also pointed out that the novelty item had been put on sale just in time for Valentine’s Day. The Twitter announcement was accompanied by an e-card that shows a girl telling a younger boy that “Mommy and Daddy listened to ‘Slow Ride’ … and then you happened.”

“We have heard stories of how so many of you were conceived to ‘Slow Ride,’" Foghat wrote. "That’s great! But if you are not yet ready for parenthood, we are here to help.” The band noted that the condoms "are ready to rock any time you are.” They're available now, costing $15 for a pack of six.

In a 2016 interview with, bassist Craig McGregor said of “Slow Ride,” “What’s really cool is when you’ll be talking to somebody, and you’ll have people say they don’t remember the name or aren’t familiar with it. And someone will say, have you heard ‘Slow Ride’? And immediately: Oh, ‘Slow ride/Take it easy … .’ It blows my mind how many people know that. It’s a very rewarding feeling to know that it has been out there for so long, yet everybody knows it. That’s a pretty impressive thing, it really is for us.”

“One of the really nice things about it is that you’ll be out having dinner and it comes up with somebody, or you’ll be in a bar, and they’ll say, ‘Can I buy you a drink?’" drummer Roger Earl added. "You’ve got to be careful when you go out or you’ll end up getting smashed.”

Foghat’s next run of tour dates begins on Feb. 3 with appearances booked until February 2019.

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