On Dec. 4, Fleetwood Mac will release a remastered and expanded edition of their classic Tusk LP that adds several extra discs of previously unreleased material — including two CDs of live performances from the band's 1979-80 tour.

Among those tracks is a version of "Sara," recorded at their Aug. 28, 1980, date in Tucson that was recently premiered by Rolling Stone. Sprawling out over eight minutes in length, this recording begins with guitarist Lindsey Buckingham introducing the song as "another one" of singer Stevie Nicks' compositions and describing it as "real pretty." You can listen to it below.

Captured toward the end of an infamously difficult tour that concluded amid rumors of the band's breakup, this rendition of "Sara" sees Fleetwood Mac exploring and experimenting with an arrangement that had already been thoroughly labored over, continuing to find new meaning in a track from Tusk even as they battled the perception that the record was a costly and overly ambitious flop.

As previously reported, this version of "Sara" is one of several that surface on the Tusk box, which boasts a remastered version of the original LP as well as outtakes, single edits and a complete alternate version of the album sourced from different recordings. The set's being offered in a five-CD deluxe box that packs in a two-LP vinyl remaster as well as a DVD featuring a 5.1 surround mix, although those looking for a slimmer package can opt for a three-disc version that leaves out the live recordings or a single-disc remaster of the original LP.

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