A Miami journalist has released what might be the final interview with E Street Band saxophonist Clarence Clemons prior to his unfortunate passing.

Clemons performed the national anthem in April at the Florida Marlins' opening day baseball game on April 1. Smiling and wearing a Marlins jersey, the Miami-based Clemons spoke briefly with journalist Gary Raab for 'Miami Music Television.'

Raab asked Clemons for his thoughts on being part of the opening day experience, and Clemons called it “exciting,” noting that he had “played ball in college” in addition to some semi-pro sports activities, which made him familiar with the “high intensity” of opening night. Clemons said that as a Marlins fan, it was an even greater experience to be part of the event.

The conversation includes discussion about Clemons' recent work with Lady Gaga as well. When pressed to discuss some of his upcoming activities and possible film work, Clemons said with a laugh, "there are some things in the works that I don't want to discuss yet” and then concluded by saying “I'm always in the market for my acting.”

In a story posted at Popdose, Raab reflects on the experience interviewing Clemons and says "with the Big Man seated in front of me, I was understandably pretty nervous — that is, until Mr. Clemons greeted me with a handshake and a smile, as if he’d known me for years."

He says "I asked about his football days, and he immediately smiled again; he had been a talented athlete as well as a musician, and he loved talking about it. Mr. Clemons explained to me that he believed in a strong work ethic and that anything was possible."

E Street Band guitarist Nils Lofgren posted a note this week remembering Clemons and called his death a “crushing, devastating loss.” The full text of Bruce Springsteen's eulogy for his friend was posted yesterday.

Watch the 'Miami Music Television' Interview with Clarence Clemons

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