The first all-female rock band to release recordings through a major label, Fanny blazed a trail through a male-dominated genre in the early '70s — and more than 40 years after going their separate ways, they're back with a new name and a brand new album.

Founded in the late '60s by sisters Jean and June Millington, Fanny were signed to Warner Bros. by producer Richard Perry, who helmed the band's first three LPs — the second of which, 1971's Charity Ball, gave them their first Top 40 single with its title track. Mainstream success seemed to beckon for the group — they became in-demand players on the session circuit, and Todd Rundgren produced their fourth album, 1973's Mother's Pride — but after a final Top 40 hit with 1975's "Butter Boy," the lineup splintered.

Yet as NPR reports, the Millingtons continued playing together over the years — and when they reunited with drummer Brie Howard for a 2016 performance, a Fanny revival followed. The trio rechristened themselves Fanny Walked the Earth — a reflection of the lifetime of experience they'd accrued during their long layoff — and started working on new music that eventually caught the attention of Blue Élan Records president Kirk Pasich.

The resulting self-titled LP, due in stores March 2, recaptures Fanny's signature spark while drawing on a deeper maturity. "It had been 50 years since we first played together," explained Howard. "All those years of life experience, time on our instruments, having shared our history together and apart, led to the stories written about on this record. There's a huge difference in what there is to write about now than when we were in our teens and early 20s."

Fanny Walked the Earth is led off by first single "Lured Away," the official video for which you can check out above, and the pre-release track "When We Need Her," which you can listen to below. For more information, visit the band's official website.

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